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 2003-09-30: DODS-5.1 uses Ejen-1.1 as its XML/XSLT code generation engine

DODS-5.1 (Data Object Design Studio) has been released on September, 2003 and integrates Ejen-1.1 for code generation purposes. DODS is an open source O/R mapping tool, part of the Enhydra Open Source project, and sponsored by the ObjectWeb Consortium.

 2003-08-13: Ejen-1.1 is released
  1. Ejen system changes and updates:

    • A new depends node was added (controls file generation by comparing last modified times of dependent files).
    • value attribute of the param node has been renamed to select and now deals with XPath expressions instead of string literals.
    • Added support for Oasis catalogs in option node (thanks to Emil van Galen). This new feature allows the use of local version of DTD files.
    • Several problems with relative paths (resolved against the base directory) have been fixed.
    • Ejen-1.1 is compatible with Xalan-2.5.1 (but the reference version is 2.4.1, that is still distributed with Ejen binary release, even if it is now included in Jdk-1.4.2).
    • Some other minor improvements added to the system and its extensions.

  2. Examples:

    • An example was added that shows basic use of the new depends node (see examples/simple/depends).
    • Many other examples have been improved or revamped.

  3. Documentation:

    • Ejen nodes documentation was updated. There is still a lake of documentation for extensions and specialized XMLReaders/DocumentBuilders: you will need to download the source and look at the various examples to get further informations. Current documentation is included in the binary distribution.

  4. Eclipse Plug-In:

    • A basic Eclipse Plug-In for Ejen is now available as a separate download (see ejen-eclipse-plugin-1.1.zip). Documentation on installation and usage is provided by the about.html file included in the archive.


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